When it comes to keeping pets, a majority of people would opt for dogs. They consider dogs to be creatures that are more faithful. However, not all would share the same view. A number of people across the world have affinity for cats. They would love to keep the majestic creature and care for them. Cats are adorable in their own manner. They would purr and go cute on you every time you show affection towards them. You would love to pet a cat with all that majestic fur on it. A question to ponder upon would be how to breed your cat to add a new member to your family.

About cat breeding

It would be pertinent to mention here that cats were breeding themselves for several years. Right from the start, cats were needed for hunting and killing rodents. However, with the passage of time, people started breeding cats for social acceptance and companionship. Cats have become a unique breed that is more than mere mouse-catcher in the present times for several people. With time passing by, various classes of cats started to emerge and soon started breeding exclusively for various reasons. The major reason would be for the purpose of competition. Presently, several people would register their unique cat breeds in a number of cat shows for sport.

The savannah cat

The savannah cat is a beautiful and majestic of all breeds of cats. It is a remarkable creature. It would be pertinent to mention here that the savannah cat is actually a hybrid. It has been a mix between the domestic feline and the wild serval. The black spots and large pointed ears of the serval could be seen prominently in the savannah cat. It would not be wrong to suggest that it has been the standout feature of the serval of Africa. The serval would be best defined as the large pointed earned wild cat of Africa. It could be found mostly in the African savannah. Therefore, the hybrid has derived the name savannah cat.

Main features of savannah cat

As with most cat breeds, the savannah cat is playful and active. They would require more time to exercise and play. In a matter of twelve weeks, the savannah kitten would gain considerable weight and height while staying with the mother. When fully grown, at the age of three, the savannah cat would become the majestic creature it is meant to be. However, you should not consider it a lap creature. The African wild instincts would take over once it starts to grow.