You might have heard about CBD from a friend and how helpful it has been in keeping their dog healthy and now you are considering whether to include it in your dog’s meal. This is totally okay given that every pet owner loves their pet and wants to give them the best. But you are just not sure what to do but not anymore because this article is going to cover everything you need to know about CBD for dogs.

The benefits of CBD are outstanding so to speak. It has been proven to treat different medical conditions in both humans and pets. This is such good news especially because it is an all-natural treatment, which will give you a break on those pharmaceutical prescriptions for your dog.

What is Cannabidiol?

CBD is the second most important cannabidiol derived from the cannabis plant. CBD can also be extracted from industrial hemp. Will your dog get high? No, your dog cannot get high from using CBD oil for dogs because CBD is non-psychoactive which means it has no THC in it.

CBD is considered very important due to the medical conditions that it treats which include depression, inflammation, anxiety, cancer, pain, seizures, nausea and phobia. CBD has also been found to promote cardiovascular health and it works very well against neurodegenerative diseases. These are some of the benefits of incorporating CBD in your dog’s meal and its lifestyle.

How safe is CBD for Your Dog?

There are no conclusive studies to seal the deal on whether CBD for dogs is helpful or harmful. This might be quite frustrating especially if you have been looking for an all-natural supplement for your dog and you are the kind of person who needs conclusive evidence. Unlike THC, which vets have strongly advised against it being used by dogs, CBD is still in its early stages of research on how good it is for dogs or how bad it can be. This is not all to say that you cannot actually get your dog a dose of this amazing product, no.

People who have used CBD oil for dogs before have a lot to say about it. Most of them are impressed with the results and do not have anything against it. Going by people who have used CBD in the past, it is clear that it has some health effects that cannot be ignored.

What to Know Before Giving Your Dog CBD Oil

Thorough Research:

This is something that cannot be stretched enough. Before you go ahead and make a purchase of any CBD oil and administer it to your dog, it is important that you conduct enough research. The research should be able to convince you whether CBD oil will be helpful to your dog or not and whether you should get it or not. This search will also lead you to purchase a good CBD product from a reputable company (when you decide to buy it). The customer reviews are usually very helpful when it comes to buying any product because you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into before making the purchase.

Keep a close eye:

When you finally decide that you will get CBD oil for dogs and you go ahead and administer it to your dog, it is very crucial that you keep a close eye on it. This is because when you introduce anything new to your dog, monitoring it is essential so that you can notice any changes if and when they occur. Keeping a close eye on your dog will save you a lot of struggle if something goes wrong because you will notice immediately and take action. It is also helpful to monitor your pet because you will be able to know whether the CBD is working.


This is not something that you will hear everywhere. Making a consultation with your vet is very important and it will help you put things into perspective. The vet has an experience with your pet especially if he has the medical records for it, therefore, you will know which step to take.

CBD for dogs is a very personal way to go as per now. You are advised to do the best thing for your pet and that means choosing what you think is right for it. This perspective will change in some years to come because the research that is underway will have come out and made it clear for everyone to know whether CBD is helpful or harmful for dogs. Going by past and present users of CBD hemp oil for dogs, it is only safe to say that CBD will keep your dog healthy and strong.