Cats are incredible pets but cleaning up after your beloved pet can be an unpleasant experience. With traditional litter boxes, the job is manual, and eventually, humans do get exposed to the smell and toxins that are found in cat poop and pee. If you don’t want to deal with all of that, investing in an automatic litter box might be a good idea. These are self-cleaning robotic devices, which use considerably less litter, leave no unwanted smell behind, and require limited scooping. With that said, cats also adjust to these automatic litter boxes quite easily. Below are some of the aspects worth knowing.

About buying one

There are an incredible number of options in automatic litter boxes, and for a new buyer, things can be overwhelming. Your first concern should be your cat, because eventually the litter box needs to be comfortable and spacious. The product should be durable because automatic litter boxes can be expensive and you don’t want to replace one every few months. It is also a good idea to check the easiness in operation, especially if every member of the house needs to do the cleaning. Some litter boxes are also big enough that more than one cat can use it, while others are designed to accommodate all breeds of cats.

What else to expect?

A good automatic litter box must be made of high quality materials and should be able to clean and sanitize itself automatically. Some of the new ones have amazing settings and programs, which can be handy. Odor control is one of the other aspects to bear in mind. The installation and setup are usually easy for most of the new models, but you may want to read up on that, as well.

Read reviews

Well, like any other product for pets, it is always advisable to read reviews of automatic litter boxes before buying one. Keep in mind that every brand has different claims, and therefore, knowing the experience of other pet owners always comes handy. You can also find a bunch of review sites, where different automatic litter boxes have been compared for features, pros and cons.

The budget is an obvious factor too, but the right litter box will ease things for your pet and family, so it makes sense to buy something that will last. You can expect at least one-year of warranty on most of the products.