With a lot of pet grooming tools that the market can offer, picking the right grooming brush for your pet can be difficult. You will be confused which brush or comb to use for your dog’s hair since dog hair varies in length and texture. You will have to deal with choices such as non static hair brush, slick brush, undercoat rake, rubber brush and others. If you are looking to buy a grooming brush for your dog, think about their coat and your expectation from the grooming session.

Choosing the Right Comb and Brush

Before you can choose the right grooming brush or comb for your pet, make sure you know their coat type first. Here are the common coat types and the perfect comb or brush to use for them.

  • Short, slick coat. For this coat, you will need to get an all-natural bristle brush such as a rubber brush. You will find this convenient to use when bathing your pet. Also, you can try a steel comb or a rubber grooming mitt.
  • Long hair. For this coat, you will need a steel-pin brush, a steel comb or a wire slicker. These choices are especially perfect if your dog’s hair is long enough to move.
  • Curly coat. Because dogs with this coat don’t shed as much as other breeds, go for a curved, fine wire slicker brush. Note that this hair is not easy to brush.

Dogs must have their own flea combs and when they shed, make sure you have a shedding tool ready on hand. You can find a lot of shedding tools on the market and pet grooming brush that suits your dog’s coat type.

Importance of Daily Grooming

Brushing your dog’s hair daily is important to loosen the old hair and dander from them. In fact, some experts say that this will help in lubricating the skin of your dog with their natural oils. And as shedding season comes, you can expect less fur on the floor and furniture. Keep in mind though if the dog has plenty of mats, you should visit a professional groomer as mats can hurt your dog and not easy to remove. Most of all, brushing your pet’s hair every day increases your bonding time with them. You will be able to spend at least ten minutes of your time every day brushing or combing their hair. You can consider as a way to your beloved pet a beneficial massage.