We all know that cats and dogs are reared as pet animals for fun and company. But, to get the cat working towards entertaining and loving you, you also need to take care of her. You need to provide her with something to stay engaged, and learn the rules of living in the house in the process. Cat gadgets help in achieving the motive of helping her adjust to the house environment easily. Let’s find out what types of gadgets for cats are available and also about their purpose.

Cat gadgets for play

Some gadgets for cats are helpful in adding quality to the playtime. Cats need to be engaged, while you are away, else they can create mess at home out of frustration or boredom. Thus, playtime gadgets for cats are catching up with loners who need to go out to work leaving the pet behind at home. Some of the interesting playtime gadgets for cats are:

  • Cardboard playhouse: This gadget does not need you to break your deposits as it is pretty affordable. Made of cardboard, this gadget is light but sturdy. It offers an interesting item for the cat to fiddle with in her free time. Available in various designs, sizes and shapes, one can pick the one that goes best with the interiors of the house or cat’s area.
  • Cat wheel: This is a treadmill kind of gadget for cats. The cat can perch on its inner rim and work out the limbs while enjoying its weird shape. This gadget works as a showpiece for the home too and does not stick out like a sore thumb amongst your other furniture and home accessories.
  • Play kits for cats: Build on the lines similar to that of a castle for kids, play kit comes with a variety of throughways, stops and floors. The cats who love doing activity can climb to the starting point and pave their way to the top. If you have more than one cat, there is possibility of expanding the floors too, so that they all can be made to sit quietly at their chosen stops after a period of playful activity.

Multi-purpose gadgets for cats

Some gadgets are not solely for playing. They can provide a wholesome support for rearing cats in kept areas. Tree house with pieces of attraction like hanging ball, chimes etc can help the owner in keeping the cats intrigued during the play time. Also, with little training, cats can be made to identify the resting place in the tree house where it can come to wind down after a chirpy session of rolling around.

Another interesting gadget which is popular these days is – a food dispenser cum interactive toy. The food can be filled in this globe like gadget and tilted accordingly to let the cat eat the food. Also, it is useful as rolling ball that can boost the movement abilities of the cat and to provide them with a funky food dispenser.