The term “Pit Bull” is not actually a type of breed but a Bull-and-Terrier cross of different 19th and 20th-century breeds. Pit bulls have earned a reputation for being an aggressive breed. This temperament is partly caused their nature, since as the trait could be genetically inherited. However, other pit bulls become violent because they suffered abuse growing up.

The misconception about this type of dog has grown out of proportion that pit bulls are even banned in some places such as Montreal. The city decided that pit bulls are dangerous to the society so it prohibits its residents to acquire or adopt a pit bull or a dog similar to it. Those who already own such dogs will have to get the license while those in the city’s animal shelters will likely be euthanized.

A boxer, mistaken for a pitbull, mauled a 55-year-old in Montreal, which triggered the ban policy. In fact, in 60 deaths in Canada linked to dog attacks, pit bulls were involved in only two, while sled dogs and Huskies were responsible for at least 25 cases. The ban on pit bulls and other dogs similar to it means residents are not allowed to own or adopt American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and Staffordshire bull terriers.

Efforts like this face backlash. In fact, Los Angeles toyed with the idea of banning pit bulls back in 1980 but plans never materialized. The vitriol for pit bulls is unfair and borderline unreasonable. They probably get bad reputation all the time because of their looks but when incidents involving pit bulls are considered, other dog breeds are even more violent.

Like any other dog breeds, pit bulls need to exhaust their energy to walking, playing or other activities that could keep them occupied and satisfied. They can get close to humans easily which make them not ideal as watchdogs. However, the opposite can be said about another dog. They were originally bred to fight other dogs so that aggressiveness can easily be triggered and unleashed towards fellow canines.

Because pit bulls can easily get attached to humans, they want as much as possible to be with their owners and when left alone, separation anxiety and boredom can easily take over with less than desirable consequences.

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The effects of CBD oil for pets have been well documented. A pitbull recovered from lymphoma after getting CBD oil in a YouTube clip.

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On the other hand, the Medipets for Large Dogs retails for $ 49.99 per 30ml. It has the same active ingredients with Pet CBD Food For Large Dogs but its effects focus on the overall wellness of your pit bulls. The instructions how to give this to your dog can be found here.

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